May 2020 Journal


  • Stagecoach South “mothballed” vehicles – corrected details
  • Relaxations of Covid-19 regulations – restoration of Stagecoach services in the Hampshire area
  • Stagecoach South East “mothballed” vehicles – corrected details
  • Brighton & Hove – buses returned to service from 1st June
  • Relaxation of Covid-19 regulations – restoration of services by Brighton & Hove
  • Brighton & Hove City Council – update on the work in the Valley Gardens, Brighton
  • First Hampshire & Dorset “mothballed” vehicles listed
  • Relaxation of Covid-19 regulations – changes to services by Metrobus
  • The Old Southdown – Southdown Operation for Frames Tours in 1970

This 40 page edition with seven topical colour photographs is now in the course of being printed and should be received through the post by members towards the end of the first week of June.