May 2022 Journal

Highlights in this edition :-

  • Stagecoach South / South East saloons to be adapted for use at the Commonwealth Games.
  • Stagecoach South now using ex-Arriva premises in Guildford.
  • Stagecoach South East restarts the Dotto Train service in Eastbourne.
  • Double-decks ex-London expected to replace the Brighton & Hove bendibuses listed.
  • Brighton & Hove commences the withdrawal and sale of its Mercedes-Benz bendibuses.
  • Brighton & Hove park eight buses nearby overnight due to work at Whitehawk garage.
  • Brighton & Hove to reintroduce seasonal service 11X after two-year gap.
  • Compass Bus to run non-stop shuttle bus 88 for the South of England Show.
  • First Solent launches a new fleet of twenty StreetLites for the BRT Eclipse services.
  • East Sussex CC is working on detailed plans for the use of its BSIP award.
  • German bid for Stagecoach becomes unconditional and Sir Brian Souter to retire.
  • Stagecoach to buy remaining part of Tower Transit based in East London.
  • Stagecoach opens new Customer Contact Centre in Perth.
  • FirstGroup announces its reaction to a further bid – from a Miami-based private equity firm.
  • The Big Lemon to hold an open evening at its new “EV Works” at Black Rock.
  • Southdown bus route 69 to return for one day – we have the details.
  • Report on SEC Zoom meeting by Marc Reddy.
  • Minutes of the SEC 2022 Annual General Meeting published.

This 34 page edition with seven colour photographs should be received by members shortly.

May 2022 Journal front cover