Brighton Hove & District Fleet History Part 4


These books together detail the history of Thomas Tilling Ltd – Brighton and Hove Omnibus Section from May 1914 and then the Brighton Hove & District Omnibus Company Ltd from January 1936 until December 1968. The last two books in the series cover the subsequent period under the ownership of Southdown Motor Services Ltd until May 1974. All start with describing the years covered in that book and an overview of additions to the fleet. For each type of vehicle there is a general description of that type of vehicle, followed by the full history of each vehicle operated, from delivery, changes to livery and specification, to disposal including subsequent ownership where known. There are various tables summarising the fleet at different times and, in the context of the two joint operating agreements with first Brighton Corporation and then also with Southdown, lists of the bus services operated.

Book 4 covers the vehicles transferred to Brighton Hove & District – vehicles 6251-6300.